Hi, let's cut the gimmicky and misleading wordplay, I'm Mason, I represent a group known as "Craftimize". Craftimize offers multiple quality-assured services for industry leading Minecraft servers.

We will provide any service if the budget is appropriate, though here are some of our most sought after services and what they entail:

Systems Administration

$1500/mo for a single network
+$900/mo per additional network

We currently provide this service for 12 networks.
It involves the following:

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One-off Server Optimizations

$500 starting price

Pricing varies depending on factors such as game type, server version, and desired player cap.

We guarantee strong outcomes every time. You even receive a 3 month performance warranty when purchasing this service.

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We've worked extensively with many top networks, most notably the following (in no particular order):

Along with the networks listed above, we've worked with more than 50 other networks - including multiple unnamed YouTuber-owned networks - providing each satisifed client with an incredibly reliable experience.

If you're interested in bringing the quality of your network to the highest of standards, shoot me an email or Skype DM so we can talk business.

publicpwner21 [email protected]